February 21, 2014

Our Family Olympics Party

I recently showed you some amazing Olympic Party ideas, after my husband (who always thinks my birthday party themes are over the top) suggested we have an Olympic Opening Ceremony party!

Here's the post:  12 Olympic Party Ideas {Family Friendly Fun}

Well, we did have our own little celebration with just the family that night.  We kept it simple 
(I thought it was, my husband still thought it I went a little overboard with the details!)  :)

But, the kids helped decorate and it was a lot of fun!

We looked up the Olympic colors online, and the girls went to town making their own paper chain!

The map and the flags were used at my daughter's 
Around the World Birthday Party.  You can see them here.

The candle holders I have used in the past for mantle decor, and made great holders for my Olympic torches.

To make the torches, I simply took red, orange and yellow tissue paper and smooshed (is that a word?) them enough to look like flames.  I had bought battery operated tea lights at the dollar spot at Target recently.  I wasn't sure what to use them for - and I got my chance.  It really made the torches GLOW!

We needed some snacks, so I simply took ice cream cones that I had in my pantry, and filled them with Doritos.  
I made a quick holder out of the top of an egg crate.

And you can too, here are the simple instructions:

Materials needed:

Top of egg crate
aluminum foil

Ice cream cones

Cut the top off the egg crate, and wrap it in aluminum foil.  Could be tissue paper, wrapping paper but I was thinking something quick!

After wrapping, I cut 4 "x" shaped cuts with my knife.  I repeated, and put the cones in the holder.  

I filled them with Doritos and waited for the right time after dinner for everybody to say "I'm hungry!"  

It was a fun treat and a fun night!  Plus, it only took 30 minutes to set up.  That was definitely NOT over the top!

Are you doing anything for the closing ceremonies for the Olympics?  What has been your favorite sport to watch?

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