About Me

Hello!  My name is Kari and I have a passion for all things with good design. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am so glad you are here!

As an interior designer, wife and mother I incorporate this philosophy in my work and personal life. 

The Sweetest Memory started as a creative outlet and it has grown to be an Etsy shop and blog.   I have been so amazed at all of the wonderful blogs and creative talent out there.   I hope someday I can be a resource for others to turn to for projects and inspiration. 

This is a place where I like to share inspiring information and would love to hear from you! 

You will find design ideas, diy, crafty ideas, children's birthday party ideas, gardening, an occasional recipe and a little bit about Arizona where I have lived all my life. In fact, I am a fourth-generation Arizonan.  There aren't too many of us!

Some of my loves:

- my two daughters, 8 and 5
- my husband of almost 13 years

- gardening (although I am terrible at watering!)
- crafting
- coming up with themes for my daughter's birthdays (I don't do character themes, and try to keep them gender friendly.)

- spending time with family. 

        My grandmother is my last surviving grandparent.  She has been teaching me how to weave on her loom she has had ever since I can remember. It is an amazing thing and I wish I had more time to create and weave (and spend time with her.)

My least favorite things:

- washing dishes (I would rather scrub a toilet with my bare
        hands.  I am strange like that!)

- putting laundry away

What I need help with:

- Reducing clutter in my home!  Why does it all land on the kitchen counter??

- Finding a better balance with my family, work and my creative outlet.

- Actually creating and finishing a project.  My mind is always running, and always thinking of the next best thing to create.

It makes my day that you have stopped by, and I would love to hear from you!  I can be reached at thesweetestmemory@cox.net.


If you would like to be featured on my "Sweet Shop" where I feature different shops, please contact me!


Melissa Loves Color said...

I would LOVE to do your dishes if you would clean my toilets. It is my very least favorite chore. I love doing laundry and doing the dishes - well, love may be a strong word, but of all the chores, they are my favorites!

the Sweetest Memory said...

Ha! That would be perfect. I would be happy to trade chores!

Thanks for stopping by!