June 30, 2012

Guest Post - Rusty Red Inspiration by Arcadian Lighting

I am excited to have my first Guest Post on my blog by Arcadian Lighting.  I love all things with good design, and I am in love with Rusty Red, the design topic today.  I use the color in my own home, and is one of my favorite colors.  Here is Jessica's lovely post.  Enjoy!

Hello! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for affordable light fixtures from pendant lights to wall sconces. Every day I get to search for beautiful interior design inspirations and then share them on lovely blogs, like The Sweetest Memory. Thank you for letting me stop by, Kari!

Today, I'd like to share a collection of interiors featuring the warm and inspiring shade of rusty red. From deeper shades of brownish red to bright, bold orange reds, rust colors instantly create a cozy, inviting environment that is perfect for any room. I hope you enjoy!

Rusty Red
The contrast between soft slate gray and rust reds add an unexpected twist to this cozy living room. The floral curtains and patterned pillows give the room a bit of texture, as well.
Rusty Red
The deep rusty red carpet in this room is perfectly sumptuous, along with the velvet and silken corner lounge. A fiery orange pillow adds a great focal point.
Rusty Red
Rich, elegant shades blend together beautifully in this entry way. The matching table lamps highlight the wonderful rusty red wall color.
Rusty Red
The subtle flecks of rust red scattered throughout this modern bathroom add a brilliant warmth to the cool blue and silver color palette. The built-in shelving and contemporary sink are great features, as well.
Rusty Red
The bright pops of rust red and orange really give this living room a fun, inviting atmosphere. The velvet upholstery adds a great textural quality to the room.
Rusty Red
The monochromatic palette of this simple, modern bedroom is complemented by wonderful rust red accent pieces. A pair of white table lamps pop against the charcoal gray wall color.
Rusty Red
From the brick wall, to the artwork, to the vintage rusty red sofa, this room is filled with warm red color. A mix of patterned pillows add a quirky touch.
Rusty Red

This all-white kitchen and dining room certainly have a lot of character with its rust red Chippendale style chairs and hanging lantern. The oversized pendant light in the kitchen adds a brilliant, dramatic quality.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of this fiery shade of red? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant pendant light or chandelier to brighten your home!

Thanks Jessica!  What is your favorite?

June 26, 2012

Go Nuts Day - June 27,2012 {Trying Nutella for the 1st Time}

Amy with One Artsy Mama challenged readers to try Nutella.  It was perfect timing because I had actually bought my first jar a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't tried it yet. 

I wasn't sure how to eat it, so there is sat in my pantry.  Toast sounded good, but that was too obvious.

Then one day, my husband had the cinnamon graham crackers out for lunch.  Aha!

I know others have amazing recipes, and I will have to try them.  But, who wants to wait to eat Nutella....

Whip out the knife, spread Nutella on your graham cracker and EAT!

Delcious!  I am hooked, and yes I am nutty about Nutella!

What is your favorite way to eat Nutella?

Thanks Amy for the challenge and inspiration!

The Feeding Post - Szechuan Beef Lettuce Wraps with Daikon Slaw and Soy-Lime Dressing

The Feeding Post
{Formerly Foodie Friday}

Szechuan Beef Lettuce Wraps with Daikon Slaw and Soy-Lime Dressing
week 7


Greetings my patient readers and sorry for the delay on this weeks article.  Week 7 of 8 has brought us a salad that is not only low fat and extremely healthy but it is also made to eat it with your hands! 

This dish was inspired by a menu item from that  Chinese chain restaurant that is in most metropolitan area malls.  It is quick, easy and packs a ton of flavor with minimal effort and ingredients. 

So lets get to it and make this refreshing hand-salad.  Here is the shopping list...

-3/4 lb. stir fry beef (marinated with 2 tablespoons soy-lime dressing)
-1 head iceberg lettuce (cored and quartered)
-1 medium carrot (peeled and julienned on mandolin)
-1/2 lb. daikon radish (peeled & julienned on mandolin)
-2 ribs of celery (thinly shaved with a knife)
-2 green onions (cut into thin discs)
-1/4 cup picked cilantro
-1-11oz. can mandarin oranges (drained)
-1/2 cup chow mein noodles
-1 recipe Soy-Lime Dressing
I started by making the dressing and marinating my meat.  Then for the daikon slaw, I mixed the prepped radish, carrot, celery, cilantro and onion into a medium mixing bowl and placed in the fridge.

While my meat continued to marinate, I made a buffet of all the ingredients at the kitchen table so that everyone could take ownership of their own lettuce wraps. 

Once the buffet was set, I cooked the beef in a scorching hot skillet using about 1 tablespoon of canola oil.  I let the meat sit on the blistering surface for about 45 seconds until stirring. 

I then finished cooking the meat and transferred it to a serving dish and placed it with the rest of the ingredients on the buffet line.
This whole recipe took about 30 minutes to complete and was just as tasty as it looks.  Is this a salad?  That is completely in the eye of the beholder; but on my scorecard, this IS a salad in the fact that the cold ingredients not only outweigh the hot ingredient, the iceberg acts as a edible shovel that will
definitely be going to the party in your tummy!  If you don't think this is a salad, just chop up the lettuce and mix it in the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. 

Enjoy and I'll see you next time!

James Wood
cookinwood@gmail.com www.thefeedingpost.com

June 22, 2012

2-Minute Summer Centerpiece

2-Minute Summer Beachy Centerpiece

To celebrate summer, I changed up my centerpiece on my dining room table.  I love my glass hurricane.  I got it a few years back at Crate and Barrel and it is so easy to change it with the seasons.

Here are the few things you need. 

Candle - I bought this one last year on sale at Pottery Barn.  I liked it because I always think of traveling in the summer.

Shell pieces - Michael's and other craft stores carry this.

Sea Shells - This shell was collected on our 10th Anniversary vacation to Laguna Beach California, my new favorite place to visit.  I bought the starfish there too.

Place the candle, and spread shell pieces around it in glass hurricane.  It is good to be uneven, it looks more natural.

Place seashell and starfish.

And you're done!!!  I love being able to look at it and remember our anniversary trip.

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June 20, 2012

Sweet Shop - Swede13 Inspirations

Introducing my latest Sweet Shop -
Swede13 Inspirations! 

Angie owner of Swede13 Inspirations

I am so inspired by Angie. She makes the loveliest things and has the most amazing Etsy shop and blog.

Learn more about her and her business, and check out the GIVEAWAY of an amazing French Inspired fleur de lis aqua easel and matted photography print of your choice.

French Inspired Fleur de Lis Easel in Aqua, 8" w x 11" h 

5 x 7 Photo print of your choice, matted in black or white

1. What products do you make/sell?  My Etsy shop consists of french country, beach bungalow and farmhouse finds. I find old treasures and repurpose them. I also sell my Cottage Photography and a few of my own paintings.

2. What inspired you to start creating?  I had been in and out of local antique shops for years until I discovered Etsy. The idea of repurposing and refurbishing my vintage finds to sell online became a better fit for me. I actually started with just my photography and paintings and in January of 2010 I began selling vintage.

3. What room do you do your creating?  I have three different work spaces. My computer in the kitchen takes priority when listing items and blogging. My guest bedroom houses all of my treasures and this is where my easel is set up. The garage is where I refurbish and turn the trash into treasures! I have my paint, tools and shipping boxes all in one area and I spread my huge drop cloth out across the floor when I am having a painting day. We don't park our cars in their anymore. I actually share half the garage with my teenage boys and their home gym.

4. What is your favorite organization tip/ tool? I tend to get very side-tracked and pulled in different directions, especially working from home (the laundry, the phone, the kids!). The best tool for me is to make a to-do list and prioritize what I want to accomplish each day.

5. What tip can you give others interested in making/selling similar items?
Create things that you would purchase for yourself...pieces that you would seek out for your own home. When painting a vintage object or piece of furniture, always be sure to seal the piece with a protective finish.

6. What is your day job?  My day job...mom to three teenagers. This takes top billing in my life! I love my Etsy, painting, photography and blogging, but when they need me, I am there. I know it's only a matter of a few years and they will all be out of the house, so I treasure each day. Some days I have to remind myself of that when all I feel like is the maid, cook, chauffeur and ATM machine!

7. Describe your ideal weekend.  I love time at the beach or by the pool and luckily I get that a lot living in Florida. I also love weekends when I spend a whole Saturday at an antique fair and I come home with a car full of new treasures and I am covered from head to toe in dirt and dust. That's a good day.

8. What other activities do you enjoy?  I love to read, paint, listen to country music and drink good wine with good friends! Oh, and I love to go dancing.

9. What is your sweetest memory from childhood?  One of my sweetest memories was a youth group trip I took from Tennessee to Florida when I was in eighth grade. It moved me so much that when I returned home I was baptized in our church.

10. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?  I love all the rustic chippy goodness in the vintage treasures I come across to repurpose. Among my favorites are old shutters, vintage frames, stools and books. My favorite items to create are my cottage hooks and knobs. I like to create the weathered wood or crackled look.

You can find Angie here: 

Facebook  .  Blog  .  Etsy  .  Twitter  .  Pinterest

Now the fun part!  Enter to win her amazing Fleur de Lis Easel and 5x7 Matted Photo print of your choice:  CLOSED

Thank you so much for participating! Entries close Saturday, June 30th at 11:59 pm. All entries will be verified. A winner will be announced by July 3rd. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway **Would you like your shop featured in my Sweet Shop? It is a great way to get more exposure for free. Please contact me for more information at thesweetestmemory@cox.net.**

June 15, 2012

The Feeding Post- Potato Salad with Creamy Bacon Dressing

The Feeding Post
{Formerly Foodie Friday}

Potato Salad with Creamy Bacon Dressing ,
week 6

     Salutations my faithful readers.  We are coasting into BBQ season and week 6 of 8 brings us a chilled potato salad with a creamy bacon dressing that will compliment anything from hamburgers and hotdogs to smoked meats or fried chicken. 

Potato salad is an American classic that should be home made whenever possible because let's face it, that prepackaged product usually tastes like bland cardboard and the stuff you buy at your normal everyday grocers deli probably was not prepared by the individual serving it to you, but, came out of a giant paper container that they paid $14/case of 6-1 gallon containers and are charging $5-7/pound. 

Before I get into how overhead effects your receipt at the grocery store lets make this salad, I can take all day explaining why the rise of your grocery bill is making your gas bill cheaper at the pump for grocers who have gas stations involved with their establishment.  Email me with your questions and I will try to explain.

So here is the prep list...
-10 medium russett potatoes (peeled, rinsed & cut into 1"cubes)
-1 medium red onion (sliced & rinsed)
-1 red pepper (diced into 1/4" pieces)
-1 bunch chopped parsley (chopped)
-4 green onions (chopped)
-1 creamy bacon dressing recipe (see below)


1 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
1/2 cup bacon bits
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon onion powder
Salt and Pepper to taste

Simply mix all ingredients in a small mixing bowl until evenly incorporated.

* This recipe can be used for potato salad, macaroni salad or where ever you feel fit.
* Replace 1/2 of the mayonnaise with 1/2 cup of sour cream and you can create a dip for chips or crudite.

To make this salad, start by placing your cubed potatoes in cold, salty water (remember salty as the sea).  Once the water comes to a simmer, this should take about 10 minutes to reach fork tender. 

When the potatoes have reached desired tenderness, drain and cool on a sheet pan.  Try to multi-task while the potatoes
are cooking and prep the rest of your vegetables and herbs into a large mixing bowl. 

TIP: The reason I rinse my onion after i slice it is that I do not want to bring any of the sour, sulfery flavor that fresh onions tend to bring to the party. 

Prepare your dressing in a small mixing bowl and once your potatoes are chilled combine dressing and potatoes with the rest of the ingredients in the large mixing bowl then stir together until evenly incorporated with a little bit of salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. 

Place in the fridge until completely chilled and serve.  That's it, super easy and super tasty.  Enjoy and I will see you next time!

James Wood
James has his own website  where he shares all of his recipes.  Visit him at www.thefeedingpost.com

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June 14, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Summer Party Time

Summer is here, officially the 21st, but in Arizona where I live it has been around for awhile.  I found the following inspiration just in time for a Summer party.  What do you have planned?

Pinned Image

Via Pinterest, this PIN is my most re-pinned!  What a fun idea for a Party.

Pinned Image
My stats on Pinterest: 41 likes 2 comments 276 repins

Serve a tasty snack in a sand bucket to tie in with the beach theme.

Pinned Image

Delicious Snack by Party Wagon

Stay cool with a water baloon pinata.

Pinned Image

Scraphappy Heather

Beach baby Party!  Don't forget the cake!

Beach Party details by Kara's Party Ideas

Amazing sand dollar cookies on a bed of brown sugar!

Pinned Image

What is your favorite?  Please visit and I would love if you follow me on Pinterest!

June 8, 2012

The Feeding Post - Watermelon Salad with Balsamic Gastrique

The Feeding Post {Formerly Foodie Friday}

Watermelon with Queso Fresco, Roasted Pepitas and Balsamic Gastrìque
week 5 
Happy Friday!  After week 5 of eight has brought an unsuccessful attempt at trying to create an Asian style pasta salad, I decided to make some sexy food for us to enjoy.  

Sometimes I find it amazing what you can do with $0.50 worth of food. In this case, using the plate as my palate, I am able to create a light and refreshing amuse/salad with many textures and complex flavors that all marry together quite nicely. This is definitely a dish that allows you eat with your eyes. What does this salad that can easily cost you $10 or more at some trendy high rent restaurant contain? How about a few items that are in every level of grocery store no matter where you live. With these kinds of dishes it doesn't take much cooking skill, just knowledge of your ingredients and imagination.

Here is what I used...

-1 personal "seedless" watermelon (cut into 1" cubes)
-1/4 small block of Queso fresco (cut into 3/4" cubes)
-1/4 cup roasted seasoned pepitas (pumpkin seeds, leave 1/2 whole, grind other 1/2 in spice grinder for garnish)
-2 radishes (shaved on mandolin)
-A few drops of balsamic (see recipe HERE)
-A dash of Spanish extra virgin olive oil
-A sprinkle of Murray River Sea Salt     

There are countless ways to prepare this dish, I happened to choose an abstract approach but you can just as easily place all the ingredients in a bowl and toss. If this was the case, I would use white balsamic to conserve the red color of the watermelon. But since there is almost no cooking involved, I will let you choose your method of preparation.

In this picture I have displayed the whole plate or "painting". When creating edible art, keep it simple and elegant. Try to let the individual ingredients speak while creating a marriage with their respected counter ingredients.     
That's it for this week. Remember... It's ok to play with your food. See you soon.
You can find this whole post and the recipe for balsamic on James website, the Feeding Post.  Enjoy!

James Wood

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