May 25, 2011

Garden Party planning

I am working on getting ready for my daughter's 3rd birthday on Saturday.  I have chosen a garden theme.  I love doing different party themes, not based around characters.  Last year when my daughter turned two, I chose a bumble bee party.  My husband asked, "Do you have to always do a theme?  Don't you think it is over the top?"  I think it comes from when I went to design school, I was taught you need to have a concept to proceed with a design, and from there it just flows.  Yes, I need a theme, and Yes I am going to take it to the tenth degree.

I have been lucky to have a good friend Marlis whose daughter is 2 months older than my daughter.  The past two years, she has let me borrow decorations from her for my party themes.  She had decorated her nursery for her kids in a bumblee bee theme, so she had fabulous decorations that I utilized last year. 

This year her daughter had a Pinkalicious party. She always throws a great party that could be featured in Martha Stewart magazine.  She made darling pink pom poms, flower paper decorations and so much more.  I had already thought of my theme a couple months before.  (It is a sickness).  Right after the party she gave me stuff from the Pinkalicious party and from a butterfly party she threw for her daughter a previous year.  I am so grateful to have fabulous decorations for the party.  I took the paper flowers she made and put them in terra cotta pots with fun pink crinkle paper.  Here they are waiting for the party.  I am going to put orange centers - my colors for the party pink and orange.

Ideas for the party, I always like to do a craft to keep the kids busy.  I had seen where you can take cupcake liners and make them into flowers on paper.  I am going to try to do that but also provide green pipe cleaners to make freestanding flowers.  For the boys, I think I will try and do mini cupcake liners and string them together with the pipe cleaners to make a catepillar.  I found really cute colorful pots in the dollar spot at Target and cute kids garden shovels at Michael's so we are going to plant seeds in a pot for the kids to do and take home.  Still thinking of maybe doing a fun game.

Stay tuned, I will be sure to share photos from the party.

May 21, 2011

New to This

I am new to this, and not quite sure what to write.  I have started a new creative outlet through ETSY making children's decor, home decor and my new favorite vintage items.  I have a featured guest artist every two months.  My guiney pig and first guest artist is with my friend Marlis of CurlyQ Bowtique.  My next guest artist Mary with SewCute LLC will be starting the first of June.  She sews and is very crafty! 

I have a couple of other interested people for the next couple of slots.  I am surprised when I speak with friends and let them know what I am doing, I find out how many talented people are out there!  I know people who are starting up photography, want to make homemade dog treats, sew, design jewelry.  It is so nice to have a creative outlet!

Please stay tune for an exciting give away to be awarded the end of the month!