August 22, 2011

Succulents and Shells Centerpiece

{ a d.i.y. project }

I was recently in Laguna Beach, California with my husband celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.   It is a stunning place and I was so inspired by the laid back atmosphere, and the beautiful scenery.  The combination of the ocean and the succulents was something I had not expected and I fell in love.

I am always looking for ideas when I travel.  Ideas for work, ideas for my home, ideas for my ETSY shop.  For my home, I had added a few beach elements to my master bathroom but it was missing something.  I could never figure out what was missing until I visited Laguna.

There are many wonderful shops to browse and one lovely shop had many nautical and shell inspired home decor.  There were several centerpieces with succulents and seashells. I loved them, but I didn't like their price tag. So, I decided to create my own.

You can create one too, here are the details, step by step.

Select a container for your centerpiece. 
I have had this one for years, and it fits perfectly on my window ledge in my bathroom.

My "before" picture of my accent in my bathroom.  Just ho hum.

Select seashells for your new centerpiece. 
Play with different sizes, colors and textures.
I purchased these while in Laguna Beach. 
I thought it would be difficult to find them in the desert!

Select faux succulents for your centerpiece. 
I purchased the faux coral while in Laguna Beach because it was so unique. 
The large succulents I found on sale at Pottery Barn, and the two smaller I found at JoAnn's.

Purchase dry floral foam and natural moss for covering. 
Add the floral foam blocks in your centerpiece. 
Don't be afraid if it doesn't fit perfectly. 
You will be covering them with the natural moss. 

I used four of the blocks to fit my centerpiece, and didn't cut any of them!

Cover the floral foam with the natural moss.  The moss I used came in pieces. 
Don't worry if it doesn't cover perfectly.  All things in nature are not perfect. 
I love how the different pieces gave a natural, rolling hill look.

Detail photo of Natural moss for covering the floral foam. 
Select a back drop for your centerpiece.  
I put the faux coral centered in the centerpiece as my back drop.

Overall image with moss and faux coral.
You could also cover the foam in white beach sand, in lieu of the moss.

Start placing your succulents, and decide where you want your impact. 
I started with the larger succulents.  I staggered them to make it look more natural. 
I love this starfish, and I liked how it filled the back corner. 
I just pushed the succulent base through the moss.  No cutting necessary.

Continue by adding the remaining faux succulents and seashells. 
Play with the different heights and textures.

Continue by adding the remaining faux succulents and seashells. 
 I just placed these where you see them.  No glue.

Finished centerpiece.  It finally adds that touch I was missing in my master bathroom.

This project was so easy.  The hardest part I had was trying to find all of the succulents.  It was important to me that they looked realistic.  This centerpiece added just the right thing that was missing in my master bathroom. 

Now I can look at it and remember my fabulous vacation to Laguna Beach and my 10th Aniversary.  I just wish I could feel the ocean breeze from my desert home.

I would love to hear your thoughts.