July 10, 2012

Road Trip - Arizona Mountains

This weekend was spent seeing the most beautiful mountains and visiting family!  Arizona where I live, is an amazing and diverse state.  And there are amazing mountains everywhere!

Sedona, the Red Rocks (Saturday)

We didn't realize on Saturday we would be going to Sedona as we were driving up north.  My husband's Grandmother, who just turned 97!  was in the hospital last week and we were going to visit her.  She is one of the sweetest ladies, and she has such a sharp mind!  I love hearing her stories of how towns used to be in Arizona.  Camp Verde, Jerome...so amazing.

She was realesed that day to a rehibilation hospital, so instead we headed to Sedona to see her.  I couldn't help take pictures while my husband was driving of the gorgeous Red Rocks!

Cathedral Rock to the Right, Bell Rock to the Left

Cathedral Rock

Bell Rock

We stepped outside after dinner and caught the tail end of a Sunset!

I am glad to say Grandma is doing quite well, and will hopefully be going home soon! 

Tucson, the Old Pueblo (Sunday)

The next day the girls and I drove to Tucson to spend some time with my family.  This is where I grew up, and I am always amazed after being away how huge the mountains look!

The summer is an amazing time in the Southwest.  It is the time of monsoons!  Rain comes almost daily in Southern Arizona and brings much needed water to this dry, dry desert. 

Mt. Lemmon and the Catalinas

Can you spot the rain clouds and rain over the mountains?

Pusch Ridge

Arizona and New Mexico receive up to half of their annual rainfall
during the summer monsoon.

Do you have mountains where you live?  What is your favorite point of interest where you live?

Thanks for taking a road trip with me! 


Aimee Lee said...

I have always lived near mountains... until now! And it's strange to look out the window and not see any. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so I always had Mount Rainier looming over me, then the Wasatch in SLC, and of course the mountains in Flagstaff. Now I'm living in Oslo, Norway and it's strange to me that there are no mountains in sight! I know they are here in this country, but I don't live by them. I certainly do miss the southwest - thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane.

the Sweetest Memory said...

Amy, Thanks so much for stopping by! Mt. Rainier is beautiful! Oslo, Norway sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing!


South Shore Decorating Blog said...

I am in MA, so we have mountains close by in NH. We usually only go int he winter to ski, because it's so nice here in the summer (BEACHES!!) SO glad to be a new follower :)

the Sweetest Memory said...


I am jealous you are close to the beach! I so want to see the ocean right now, but settled with mountains. A weather change is always nice! Thank you so much for following me!


Megan said...

this is getting me so excited to move back! can't wait to see those mountains again :)

the Sweetest Memory said...

Megan- I am so glad! Hope the move goes smoothly!