Button Swap/Guest Blogger?

Interested in swapping blog buttons?
I would love to have your button featured on my page.  If your blog is of similar topics and interests I would love to hear from you.  All I ask is we swap buttons on each other's blogs.  Please send your 100 x 200 pixel button to my email address at thesweetestmemory@cox.net.  

Interested in being a guest blogger?
I love hearing ideas from you. If you would like to share a topic, diy project, recipe and more, I would love to feature you on my blog! Please send me an email at thesweetestmemory@cox.net and we can discuss your Guest Blog!

Thank you!



Biruté Sim said...

Hi Kari, lovely blog! Would you like to swap the button with me?


Phoebe Keates said...

I'd love to swap blog buttons? I love your blog, it gives me a lot of inspiration!
Thoughtsfromphoebe.tunblr.com x x

Lazy Pizza said...

I'd love to swap buttons with you!