June 26, 2012

Go Nuts Day - June 27,2012 {Trying Nutella for the 1st Time}

Amy with One Artsy Mama challenged readers to try Nutella.  It was perfect timing because I had actually bought my first jar a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't tried it yet. 

I wasn't sure how to eat it, so there is sat in my pantry.  Toast sounded good, but that was too obvious.

Then one day, my husband had the cinnamon graham crackers out for lunch.  Aha!

I know others have amazing recipes, and I will have to try them.  But, who wants to wait to eat Nutella....

Whip out the knife, spread Nutella on your graham cracker and EAT!

Delcious!  I am hooked, and yes I am nutty about Nutella!

What is your favorite way to eat Nutella?

Thanks Amy for the challenge and inspiration!


Sheila said...

Thank you for the Nutella on cinnamon graham crackers. I discovered Nutella a few months ago. Three of my grand kids introduced me. I LOVE Nutella. I have it every morning on toasted honey wheat bread toast and a cup of coffee. I like it with a glass of skim milk, too. I just found out that some like Nutella in marshmallow krispy treats. Awesome.

the Sweetest Memory said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! Rice Krispy treats are one of my favorite things, but mixed with Nutella? I am going to have to try that. Soounds delicious! Thanks for letting me know!


Amy said...

Mmmm! You know, I happen to have some cinnamon graham crackers in the house right now...um, excuse me...

Thanks for linking at my Nutella party! ;)

the Sweetest Memory said...

Amy- so nice for you to stop by. This was a fun party, thank you for the invite!


Kadydid Designs said...

Oh my gosh, Kari! Welcome to the deliciousness that is Nutella. We eat it like it's going out of style over here!! Add it with some good old peanut butter on your bread, on Nilla Wafers, dip cashews in it, make No Bakes with it (1/2 pb 1/2 nutella)...I could go on and on. Yum!!

the Sweetest Memory said...

@Kadydid Designs - We eat a lot of peanut butter here, I love the idea of combining Nutella with Peanut Butter. And no bakes, yum! My mouth is watering! Thanks of the ideas!