January 17, 2014

Around the World Party - My Daughter's 8th Birthday

Around the World Party - My daughter's 8th Birthday!

I love coming up with themed parties for my daughter's birthday parties.  For the last several years my oldest daughter has helped me select her party themes.  It is fun to come with ideas together.
I am not quite sure how we came about the "Around the World Party" theme, but we had so much fun coming up with ideas!
First, my daughter selected Japan as the first country to travel to.  We came up with two more (to slightly simplify it).  Mexico and Italy were the second and third countries we selected to travel to.

The invites by Less Ordinary Designs on Etsy, set the tone for the party. 

Our new house was a perfect setting to having the party hosted at our home.  Our first home was tiny, but this has a much more open floor plan and huge yard to play in!
When the guests arrived, they were greeted by a Welcome sign in different languages.
Guests arrived at the Passport Office.  The kids decorated and filled out their personal  Passports that I purchased at Oriental Trading Company.  Passport Stickers (also purchased from Oriental Trading Company) were given at each country station, to add to their passports. 

Compass rings were provided so they could find their way.
Once all guests arrived, and passports were complete they were ready for their journey.  To eliminate overcrowding, I asked the kids to split between the three countries.

This was the kids favorite country to visit.  My mom helped in Japan.  She borrowed a komono from a friend for the occasion.

Our house has a little guest house, and it was the perfect traditional style Japanese house!

See the resemblance?  (I didn't realize it was so close in style!)
Food/Activity: Make your own sushi
rice krispie treats
fruit roll ups
Swedish fish gummy fruit
(I ran out of time- but was going to also make banana slices, rolled in peanut butter with chocolate rice krispies.  Serving them on sticks which according to my cousin who lived in Japan for a couple of years, is very Japanese.)
Activity: Right certain words in Japanese.  I wrote a few words, and provided paper and pencils for the kids.

Décor -  I used a pink tablecloth from another party, purchased sushi mats at Cost Plus, red paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling ,and I found the cute Asian kite from Cost Plus on clearance.  I found some fun Japanese images on line that I printed for authentic pictures on the walls.  Also, red balloons topped off this room. 

My mother-in-law borrowed a festive Mexican dress from a friend.  She also brought some cute décor.  I played up the fun festive colors of Mexico in my kitchen and family room.

Activity - Luminarias, piñata


I wavered on this until the night before, and finally decided on making luminarias.  I bought colorful tissue paper.  I didn't think the boys would enjoy making paper flowers so with what I had on hand I thought this would be a fun and easy activity.  My mother-in-law helped the kids come up with ideas.

Piñata - Perfect way to tie in the Mexican theme.  I purchased clearance Halloween candy, since my daughter's birthday is only a couple of weeks after to fill the piñata.

Festive colors set the tone for Mexico.


Red and White check tablecloths set the tone for a festive Italian setting.  Curly pasta was a fun and inexpensive way to decorate. I brought in a picture from the kitchen for decoration.  Italy was out on the back porch.  I separated each country - kitchen/family room, back porch, guest house to make the kids feel they truly were traveling to separate countries.


Activities- Make  a cup and ball game, Pasta Relay

Food- Italian Cookies, olives

When the kids arrived to Italy, they made an easy game- a cup and ball game.  The kids made these from items I already on hand.
Paper cup, ribbon and aluminum foil.

I precut squares of aluminum foil.  I let the kids cut the length of ribbon (this increased the difficulty) they crumpled up the aluminum foil (to form the ball) and taped the ribbon on the paper cups.  The trick is to get the ball in the cup.  The craft was easy, but getting the ball in the cup was a challenge!

For a great inexpensive game, the kids played Pasta Relay.  I purchased egg noodles, and wooden spoons (Dollar store) for the party.  The kids divided into 4 teams, of 4 kids each.  The first member of the team took a scoop of noodles on their wooden spoons, passed it to the next member of the team, and so on.  The last kid filled a large jar.  The team who filled the jar first, won.  I don't have any pictures of this because it was a fast paced game!  The kids had a great time.  The grass lawn was filled with pasta afterwards.  :)

My sister helped in Italy, wearing green to keep it simple.  I brought out my patriotic décor, for easy décor.

I purchased the cutest little flag airplane cupcake toppers from Granny Panty Designs on Etsy.  They set the tone perfectly.

A large mounted map was a present from my grandmother.  It was a great backdrop!

 I made a small cake for my daughter, decorated with individual countries flags.  It is the same pan I bought for her first birthday.  Now she is eight! 
(Sniff, sniff.  How quick they grow!)

 A satisfied customer!  Notice the hot air balloons on her shirt. 
I loved how it went with the Around the World theme. 

Party Favors: A tidbit from each country was included in the favor bags. 
- A flag pencil and globe erasers
- additional passport stickers
- chopsticks tied with red ribbon
- Mexican gum "chicle"
-Mexican bobbing head animals
(My dad traveled to Rocky Point, Mexico a few weeks before and purchased 20 animals from a little boy on the beach.  They were a hit, and it made the little boys day!)
Plus, the loot from the pinata.
I would love to hear from you!  What are your favorite details from the party?


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Creative Raisins said...

What an awesome idea for a party. I love the idea of them making their own sushi. All the details were perfect

the Sweetest Memory said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! The sushi was the favorite part of the kids! Kari

Unknown said...

What a fun party this was! Not only did Katie and her friends have fun, they also learned a little about each country in a very interactive way. Can't wait to see what the birthday theme will be for next year!

the Sweetest Memory said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, and for stopping by! Kari

must love junk said...

What a fun, creative theme! Looks like it was a wonderful day for your sweet daughter! :)

the Sweetest Memory said...

Susan, Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment!


Rhonda Cothrun said...

That looks like so much fun. What a great idea. I had a great time too. Thank you for stopping by The Messy Roost and I am following you now -- I didn't realize I would be going around the world - ha ha, so much fun. Rhonda

the Sweetest Memory said...

Rhonda, Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I so appreciate you stopping by and following me. It makes my day! Kari