January 27, 2014

10 Colorful Kitchen Ideas & Remodeling Tips

I was so inspired by the following beautiful kitchen and dining spaces, that I had to share them with you!  I love introducing color in my home.  The following kitchens have beautiful, crisp white walls, cabinets and furniture accented with fabulous jewel tones.   

These are all items that can easily be achieved, without breaking the bank.  By just updating a few simple things, you can make a huge impact.

Disclosure, I never used to be a fan of white cabinets. They are now my favorite- I love how neutral and light they are now.  Our new house has them, I will be sharing my home with you soon!

At the end, see below for my kitchen remodeling tips.  Things to think about prior to renovating your kitchen and pulling out the pocket book!

Kitchen / / dining..
Nicety Live Journal

I love the clean lines, paired with the rustic furniture 
and decor in the space.  
I love the blue wall paired with deep pink light fixture.

The Design Files

Simple, clean colors and lines with a simple addition 
of aqua barstools.  Get tired of the colors of the stools?  It is so simple and cost effective to switch them out later.  Or better yet, just repaint them with a fun new color!

Lovely warm accents set against the clean, white kitchen.  The mixed chairs add character and charm.

For Interieur

Lovely accents of pillows and table accessories brighten up the simple, white palette.

Midwest Living

I love these barstools and this color set against the white cabinets and amazing carrera marble counters!  I also love how the accessories tie it all together.  I think I need these barstools in my kitchen!

Better Homes and Gardens - Home Beautiful

Fun pop of color with barstools.  Can't decide on a color, 
buy one of each of your favorite colors!

Caught in Grace

A lovely and colorful buffet in the kitchen.  What a fun and cost effective alternative from kitchen cabinets.  
I love this color set against the white brick walls.

House Beautiful

This green island looks like a furniture piece, and provides a stunning accent in this kitchen.  The bold pattern on the ceiling makes this space unique.  
The decor and accessories tie it all nicely together.

Country Living

Retro touches in this kitchen make it so cheery and fun.

Barbara quasescarlet

Colorful color pops make this otherwise 
plain and simple kitchen, shine.

Tips Before you Renovate your Kitchen

1. Kitchen remodeling is one of the best things you can do to improve your home's resale value.

2.  You can expect to recoup 90%-98% of your investment on the sale of your home.  The higher number is based 
on low budget remodels.  
No need to spend a ton of money updating.

3. I love color, but making your kitchen cabinets a unique, bold color might hurt your resale value.

4.  Instead, select accessories, furniture and decor with fun, bold colors.  These are easy to chance as tastes change, and make it much easier to resale your home.

5.  If you still want colored cabinets, keep it to the island or lighting, etc.  Keep the rest of the kitchen neutral, like the white as shown in all of the images above.

6.  Kitchen remodeling does take time, and is disruptive to every day life.  Plan to eat out, or make microwave meals for awhile.  Take a deep breath and remember 
it is all worth it in the end!

What is your favorite kitchen?  Have you remodeled your kitchen?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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