February 13, 2014

My Valentine's Day Chalkboard and 3-minute bunting

I gave you a sneek peak of my Valentine's day mantle, but I also wrote a fun message on my chalkboard in my kitchen.

The previous owner painted chalkboard paint on the side of my pantry, and it is a perfect backdrop for seasonal messages!

When I wrote my message, I still needed a little pizzazz (haven't used that word for years!)  Not sure if should, but I will stick with it!  

So, I created a Quick, 3-minute bunting of materials left over from my grandmother's 80th Vintage Garden party.

3-Minute (or less) Bunting

 Take a strip of fabric or ribbon.  This was already precut.

 Cut your second material for the actual buntings.  I used this wired burlap.  

I wrapped the wired burlap over the fabric strip.  The wire was perfect, because I didn't even glue it.  

I attached my bunting with these amazing little strips- I use Command Adhesive on everything.  I like these little ones- you can't see them but they work really well.  I just pull them off when I am done, and no damage to the wall!

Super simple, adds a little pizzazz to my decor.  How are you decorating for Valentine's Day?

I was not sponsored by 3M Command Adhesive for this post.  But, if they want to me a package I won't complain!!  Ha!

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