April 27, 2012

Finding Joy in the little Things - Peas

Finding joy in the little things

With the season changing, it is time to take out some of my winter garden plants, and make room for the warmer weather.  My pea plants have brought me joy the last two years in my garden.  Each week I would be so excited to see how tall they grew.   They seem to grow every day.  I love to be outside and snack on a few pods!

I finally ripped them out the dead peas today and there were a few patches of green with flowers left.  I kept them and put them in a vase on my kitchen table.

(A sneak peek of my 1st weaving project with my Grandma!)
I love how the tendrils reach around they are so sweet.  Even my husband said it looked cute.  (I guess he has been hanging around our two daughters lately!)

Until next year!  What brings you joy!  I would love to hear.

Happy Spring to you!

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