April 29, 2012

Woven in Love - A special project with my Grandmother

{{{Woven in Love}}}

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has owned a weaving loom.  I remember several items she made while I was growing up, including some beautiful pillows she made for my wedding day.  But, I never saw her actually use it.  It sat in her sewing room, and has moved to two other houses after my grandfather passed away.  It was a piece of furniture that I always knew was there, but never thought much more about it.

My grandfather insisted on the Cherry instead of the oak. (Good job Grandpa!) 

It was after her three children moved out of the house that she decided she wanted to start weaving, and heard about a sale at a local store. My grandfather, said you better go get it before the sale is over.   (She said like it would never be on sale, again.)  It was very pricey and she laid awake the night they bought it.   She thought, what if I can't work this thing? She had never weaved before.  She took a couple of courses, and taught herself the many techniques she still uses to make a variety of amazing pieces over many years.

(My Grandmother and her amazing craft room.  Look at all of that yarn!  She has three other cabinets just like it.)

(My Grandmother's 1st weaving project.  This was done with VERY fine yarn!)


(One of my Grandmother's famous woven handbags.  I love the colors and texture!)

(Lovely scarf and Detail)        

(Silky scarf) 

(Hand woven Cotton by my grandmother)

She is very humble.  Although she belongs to a weaving guild, she says she never could be as good as many of the other weavers in the guild.  I think what she makes is amazing. 

Recently, I asked if she would show me how to use her loom. We both were excited. She set up the loom for me (this is the hardest part!) with beautiful fall color yarns in browns, cream, henna and deep red. 

With her bare feet, she showed me what the different pedals did, how to use the shuttles and what the different terms meant such as shed, beat, tabby and so much more.

I love it.  I love how free it is.  I love being able to change a design on the fly.

As I have gotten older and my other grandparents have passed away, I feel just how important it is to spend time with my last surviving grandparent.  What a great way to spend time with her and learn a little more about her amazing talent and this piece of "furniture" that  has been just as much of my life as my grandmother.

I am so pleased of my table runner that
I made with my grandma. 

It is something that I can always look at
and remember my grandmother
and the days it was {{{Woven in Love}}}

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Becca Acker said...

How cool and precious! It's so important to appreciate our grandparents when we have them. And what a fun way for you to spend time with your grandma!

the Sweetest Memory said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! This was a wonderful experience. Grandparents have so much history, I wish I could spend more time with her!