July 8, 2011

How to follow a blog

Thank you for reading my entries in my blog, and I hope you find them fun and helpful to read.  To make something worthwhile, it is more fun to have involvement with others.  I write in hope to add a little joy in your day.

My friend Mary with BizBlogStar http://bizblogstar.blogspot.com/ wrote an article on why you should read a blog and become a follower, so I wanted to take some tips from her to share with you.

I would love if you would follow my blog.  That way you won't miss any new information I share.  It does not give me your contact information, and you can follow anonymously if you prefer.

I will strive to make all content useful, fun and helpful.  I welcome all feedback.  Below are the directions to follow my blog.

Google - how to follow a blog
Go to the section to the right labeled "Followers"...where you see the beautiful faces of my current followers...just click on the Followers widget and it will lead you to your Google account or ask you to create one.  Once you have established a Google account, you can easily view all the blogs you follow on your dashboard and/or reading list. 

Thank you!   

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