June 17, 2011

Cheap Art, Big Impact

I have a grouping of pictures on my living room wall.  I purchased them several years ago.  I had grown tired of them, and looked and looked at various stores for new options.  Of course I am picky, and in my search I either didn't see anything I liked, or what I found was too expensive.

Then one day, I had pulled out my collection of scrapbook paper.  I love scrapbook paper.  I love the various colors, patterns, textures, the 12x12 size.  I have a large collection, and I have tried scrapbooking and it feels too permanent for me.  I have to make sure I have photos ready, which takes way too long for me to decide which one is the "one".  To scrapbook and only use one or two pictures on a page seems inefficient, and it takes me hours to do two coordinating pages!

But, I love the paper, and I decided to use it as art when I was expecting my first daughter.  At the time, I was looking for just the right art.  Of course, I couldn't find anything that also was the right price.  So, I used scrapbook paper as art!  I was so pleased with how these turned out, I did a "grown up" grouping for my oldest daughter when she was moved to her big girl room.  (Images below)  For my youngest daughter, I just recently did a grouping for her room too.  The poor second child had her sister's nursery art in her room until just a few months ago.  She just turned three.

My Oldest Daughter's Room decor

Back to my living room, one day I had pulled my collection out and got the idea to substitiute three of the just okay pictures with framed scrapbook paper.  I choose colors and a pattern that fit with my living room decor.  The other three pictures which are all in black and white, I left alone.  I put the new paper in the old frames, and returned them back in the same position in the wall.  It was just the right touch, and so inexpensive!  It cost me only $2.00!

Living Room Wall Grouping

New framed art

New framed art

Living Room Grouping - Close up

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