June 6, 2011

A Garden Party

My daughter's Garden Party turned out great.  Here are some photos of decorations and food.  I served snack food - pb&j sandwhiches cut in butterfly and worm shapes, ants on a log, Cheetos (catepillars), pita chips and hummus, Lemonade (bug juice), fruits and veggies.

For the cupcakes and single cake, my daughter wanted pink.  So, I made strawberry cupcakes and put pink covered yogurt pretzels on top to make butterflies.  They worked out great on the cupcakes.  They started sliding on the small cake and so I had to save them with toothpicks!

Colors for the party were pink (my daughters favorite) and orange.  I found the perfect plates from Target that had butterflies, and polkadots in pink and orange. 

Activites for the kids consisted of a frog/snake (pretend) hunt in the garden with butterfly nets, planting seeds and decorating pots and plant markers, decorating paper bags with bug foam stickers, using cupcake liners and pipe cleaners to make flowers.  The paper bags were handy for transporting the planted plants neatly in the car.  (I had not thought of that part of it until the party.  It was a happy accident!)  I also had bug felt masks for the kids to wear (Target Dollar spot.) 

Party favors were bug tatoos, stretchy bugs, small bug catchers, stickers, silly bands in garden themes, pencils, the potted plants, and frogs/snakes from the hunt.  Another cute idea that I didn't implement was Target had larger bug catchers at spring time.  I thought these would be great to fill instead of a bag for a cute look.  I was unsure of who all would be attending, so I ended up filling clear orange bags instead.  Favors for the adults were mini pots with seeds to add to their own garden.

Thanks to everyone for making it a special day!

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