January 29, 2012

Art Party- My 6 year old's party!

For my daughter's 6th Birthday,
I threw an Art Party at the park.  
She picked the theme months ago. I loved the idea

Bright and rainbow colors were the theme of the day.  We went to our favorite neighborhood park for my daughter's birthday.  It was a good lesson in being flexible.  Not all things turned out the way I wanted, but I know my daughter loved it!

Blowing out "candles".  I couldn't find the candles, so we used colorful licorice instead.  Of course I found them as I was cleaning up the party!  I found sugar crayons and decorated along with rainbow sprinkles.

Favors and silverware.  This was a great way to get rid of all my extra silverware and napkins from other parties.

For the favors, I kept my eye out during back to school shopping to find inexpensive art supplies.  I had rainbow rulers with the alphabet on them, rainbow pencils, crayon erasers, crayon decorations, and rainbow fruit snacks. The simple red bags were topped off with rainbow ribbon.

"Starving Artists Snack Table".  Rainbow colors were bright and cheery.  Colorful licorice, fruit loops, sweet potato chips, gum balls, veggie sticks, rainbow fruit platter and colorful roll-up's were served.  I found the table fabric at Ikea.  It worked out perfectly.

Rainbow fruit platter, and artist palette turkey and ham roll-ups.  I used spinach and orange southwest wraps to add color.  Excuse the plastic wrap.  There were bees buzzing all over.  I finally had to hide the fruit loops.  They loved the sugar and bright colors and didn't want to leave us alone!

My attempt at the (easy) Rainbow Cake.  I will share directions in Part II!

The kids made their masterpieces on letter sized canvases I found at Big Lots.  $3.00 for 3 canvases!  My daughter's is the bottom left.  Each kid got to take home their masterpiece ready for framing or hanging.

Another game I planned on playing was an art relay.  You pick a theme- such as a beach. One child draws a part of the picture - such as the ocean, another adds something to it - a dolphin and so on.  It slipped my mind until all the kids went home. 

Festive Group.  I asked everyone to wear their favorite color.  I lined the tables first three different color tablecloths, and butcher paper in the center then added crayons, markers and paint ready for the artists to create.

 My Big 6 year old!  Where does the time go?  My friend made the rainbow bows!

Stay tuned for Post II where I share my Rainbow cake directions, and what not to do!

Thanks for looking, I would love to hear your comments!