February 7, 2014

12 Olympic Party Ideas - Kid Friendly Fun

My husband who always thinks my themes for parties are a bit over the top, suggested we have a Winter Olympics opening ceremony party tonight.  What a fun idea!

Maybe some of my party planning is rubbing off on him! Here are some lovely ideas from other bloggers to get you ready!


Make an Olympic paper chain.  Perfect craft for the kids!

Glowing TeaLight Olympic Torch Craft  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM
Easy torches  set the mood.

Freebie | Fourth of July and Olympics Party Printables


Serve patriotic healthy snacks

Fun and tasty Cheetoh torches

Awesome Pretzel olympic rings

Everyone needs a medal


Play a game  during commercial breaks!

Or two, during the next commercial break!

Olympics emblem design worksheet
Keep the kids busy with this fun project by Activity Village

Fun coffee table game - ring toss!

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Olympics?

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Unknown said...

Kari, these are SO GREAT! What an awesome round-up! So many cool Olympic ideas in one place--my kids will love SO many of these! P.S. Maybe your husband can talk to my husband about being more open to themes! Mine looked at the banner hanging in the family room and asked, "Will we be expecting some athletes later to line up by the fireplace." Grr. Have a great week!

the Sweetest Memory said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for inspiring our party! That's hilarious! This is the ONE time my husband has embraced the "theme". I love doing a theme for my daughter's birthdays. He has said on different occasions that maybe it could be more simple next time. But, what fun is that? :) Once I have picked a theme, there are so many things that go together easily! Good luck on your next event! :) Kari